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A Review of the Air Jordan 37

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all times. He is known for his brilliant shooting guard career with the Chicago Bulls and later owning the ever-rising Charlotte Hornets team. Above all, most people know him for his Air Jordan’s, which have been on the market for a long time.

Jordan’s are some of the most popular sneakers in the industry. Some other sneaker brands that can’t compete with Nike Jordans include Reebook, Adidas, and Sketchers. Reebok launched the CourtingGreatness app to help edge its way into basketball but found little success.

Air Jordans are king and will be for a long, long time. Jordan has been keeping the hype alive by producing new pairs from time to time. The legend’s signature sneaker line has undergone changes over the years, with several twists and turns, but has remained stronger four decades down the line. After four decades on the market, the Air 37 has finally hit the market. Here is a quick look at the features of the shoe and the price at which it is expected to be on the market.

The Announcement

The production of the Air Jordan 37 was first announced by the Jordan Brand in July 2022. However, the shoes hit the shelves on September 15, 2022. This shoe is currently available on the market at Nike’s website in the “Beyond Boards” colorway section. The popular shoe in this section has a light bone-colored upper. It also has red, black, and dark concord colors that provide contrast on the tongue, shoe laces, and outsole.

The Shoe Specifications

This new shoe looks and feels like the Air Jordan 7, which was produced years ago. However, the technology used in its production is way ahead of its time, and no other shoe in the current Jordan Brand line-up has the same specs as the 37.


The shoe features a lightweight upper that is made from a blend of a robust plastic ribbon and a leno weave fabric. It gives support equivalent to that of a taped-up ankle. The plastic ribbon is to keep the shoe sturdy even after wearing it for a period.

Multidirectional Performance

This shoe was designed with basketball athletes in mind. It is built to enhance multidirectional performance among the athletes. The Nike Sport Research Lab provided the analytics required for three stages of jumping; crashing, loading, and launching. The first stage, crashing, is the instant deceleration that comes with landing. The force is then translated through the player’s heel.

Enhanced Landing Safety

To ensure that it is safe for land, the Air 37 has a new foam called Formula 23. The foam provides a soft yet sturdy landing pad to enable an energy-free landing. It works with the TPU moulded heel to further absorb the impact of landing. This foam is the most sustainable that Nike has produced in many years and is responsive to the wearer, making it a great choice for high-action sports such as basketball. It does all this without adding any significant weight to the shoe.

Increased Support for the Loading Phase

During the loading phase of a jump, the motion moves to the midfoot from the heel. The athlete needs support to prevent slipping, which may cause injury. To aid the motion, this sneaker comes with a carbon-fiber shank at the midfoot. This type of shank has not been used on any other shoe in the Jordan brand since the Jordan 32.

Doubled Support for the Launching Phase

This Jordan has a Zoom Air Strobel unit that comes with a similar unit at the forefoot to enhance the support during the last launch phase. Therefore, the athlete experiences less fatigue at the forefoot when launching a jump.

This shoe has everything in mind, from positioning to actual lift off. The shoemaker has also re-imagined its reactive and reductive layers to give the wearer comfort while ensuring that the shoe is lightweight.

The Look of the Shoe

1 Jordan's

The Jordan 37 is available in two color schemes; a dark red scheme called “Beyond Borders” that we discussed at the start of the article and another off-white scheme called “Hare”. Both of the shoes borrow heavily from the look of the Air Jordan 7 and have a little bit of African basket weaving built into them. The robust plastic upper uses the Leno weave method used in western Africa and is done with Arkema yarn to make the shoe more pliable.

Its color-blocked outsole also looks like the Air Jordan 7. The layered reduction philosophy comes into play in this shoe in that the support for the upper is only applied where it is needed. The foot containment and support are put in place by the sandal straps and the ankle tape. Nike compares these features to the exoskeleton of the character Huarache.

Price and Availability

At the start, only the Beyond Borders color scheme is available. However, the Hare scheme will follow in fall. Besides, the show is available at Nike and a few leading retailers. However, it is expected that the shoes will be available at all retailers that stock the Jordan Brand line of sneakers.

The official retail price of the Jordan 37 is $185 across Nike, Dick’s, Stockx, and Finishline. It is expected that it will be sold at the same price across all other shops where it will be available in the near future. As for the sizing, the shoe is true to size and has a regular width. Furthermore, the high-top cut shoes will be available in adult sizes beginning at 38. The availability of specific sizes depends on the shop where you pick them up.

Ratings for the Shoe

Pundits in the industry give the shoe a rating of 8.3, but most users are giving the shoe a rating of 10. The best features of the shoe include traction, cushioning, materials, support, and fit. All these features have a rating of at least 8.0.

The Air Jordan 37 is intended for indoor use, but the added support and carbon fiber shank make it a great casual shoe for anyone looking for a comfortable, lightweight outdoor shoe. The Jordan brand has kept most of the features of the sneaker line, including layering and foot support. However, it has also enhanced the technology used in other shoes to deal with the shortcomings of the earlier sneakers. Overall, it is a great shoe that you may want to try.

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