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Arkansas vs LSU: Odds, Line, and Picks (3/2/22)

College basketball fans are in for a treat tonight as the Arkansas Razorbacks are set to host the LSU Tigers. This should be a fairly even matchup as the two teams are ranked 18th and 21st, respectively. That being said, Arkansas has performed far better within their conference than LSU.

Arkansas has a 12-4 record vs SEC teams, whereas LSU is only 8-8. The implications on the standings are significant, and as a result, it should be one of the best games of the night. 

This is the second last game of the season for both teams. After this game, Arkansas will go on the road to face Tennessee, and LSU will head back home to take on Alabama. Coming into this game, Arkansas is 4th in the SEC with a 12-4 record, whereas LSU is ranked 8th with an 8-8 record. 

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A win for Arkansas would tie them for second in the conference with Kentucky and Tennessee. Since they’re playing Tennessee in their final game of the season, they could secure a top-two position in the conference heading into the SEC tournament. 

Conversely, LSU does not have an easy road to finish their season. They could jump to as high as 5th in the conference by winning their final two games, but two losses could drop them down to 10th. If LSU wants to position themselves to do well in the SEC tournament, they need a big performance tonight vs Arkansas. 

Arkansas vs LSU Odds 

While there is a significant gap between the two teams in the conference, their overall records are similar. Arkansas has a 23-6 record, whereas LSU has a 20-9 record. As a result, while the odds favor Arkansas, they are not as heavy favorites as you might expect from a #4 and #8 matchup. The odds below are from DraftKings Sportsbook. 

  • Spread: Arkansas -5.5 LSU +5.5 
  • Total: Arkansas U 141.5 LSU O 141.5
  • Money Line: Arkansas -225 LSU +185

Arkansas is the favorite, but it is not by a massive margin. As a result, it’s reasonable to bet the money line in either direction. The spread and total are also both viable betting options. 

Arkansas Betting Outlook 

If you’re interested in betting on Arkansas, you have some interesting options. Betting the money line on the favorite generally isn’t a great idea, and we’re not encouraging it here, but it’s not the worst option. You get -225 odds when betting on Arkansas to win, which isn’t terrible. You aren’t going to be extremely profitable betting on them, but it could be worse. 

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As for betting on Arkansas’s side of the spread and total, they’re both reasonable options. The spread only has them winning by 5.5 points, which isn’t much. As a result, if you think Arkansas will win, you can reasonably bet on their side of the spread. As for betting the total, Arkansas is listed at under 141.5 points. Arkansas and LSU are two elite defensive teams that struggle on offense. As a result, betting the under is probably the way to go. 

If you bet on Arkansas on the spread, you get -110 odds. If you bet on them on the total, you get +100 odds. 

LSU Betting Outlook 

Betting on the underdog in a close matchup is normally a good idea, but it’s a tough call here. LSU gets +185 odds in the money line, which is solid, but not great for the underdog. The odds are closer than they normally would be based on their position in-conference because of LSU’s record in out-of-conference games. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that the game is taking place in Arkansas. Arkansas has a 16-2 record at home, and LSU has a 2-7 record on the road. Those stats don’t inspire confidence for betting on the underdog here. 

Arkansas vs LSU Prediction 

Going into the game, there’s a lot at stake for both teams. Arkansas is looking to secure a top-two position in the SEC, whereas LSU could be a top-five or bottom-five team depending on how their final two games play out. 

With that in mind, it should be a close defensive matchup. These two teams have played each other close historically, splitting their last eight matchups 4-4. As a result, our prediction comes down to the home court. We predict that Arkansas will defeat LSU by a score of 65-62. 

We really wanted to pick LSU because there is more at stake for them. They could position themselves as a top-five seed or bottom-five seed in the next two games. Conversely, Arkansas could jump up to second in the conference, but even if they lose their last two games, they will still be fourth in the SEC. 

Unfortunately, home-court advantage is a big deal in the NCAA, and as a result, Arkansas has a big advantage there. Additionally, Arkansas is hot right now, coming into the game with a four-game win streak. Conversely, LSU is coming in off a win over Missouri, but they lost their two games before that. 

With all that in mind, our prediction remains that Arkansas defeats LSU 65-62. That means that we think you should bet on LSU’s side of things on the Spread, and Arkansas’s on the total.

Where to Watch 

You can watch Arkansas host LSU tonight at 9 PM EST on ESPN2.

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