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Auburn at Mississippi State: Odds, Line, and Picks (3/2/22)

Auburn is at Mississippi State tonight in what should be an exciting contest. Auburn is significantly stronger than Mississippi State right now. They sit at 8th overall and 1st in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). This is in stark contrast to Mississippi St which sits 55th overall and 9th in the SEC.

It means that there is a clear favorite going into this game. Auburn has a better overall record, 25-4 when compared to 17-12. They also have a stronger record within the conference. Auburn is 13-3 and Mississippi St is 8-8.

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The game this evening is sure to be a top-class game.

Auburn vs Mississippi State Odds

The huge gap in quality and standings between the two sides means that there are some great odds available here. Auburn is obviously the heavy favorite, but DraftKings is still offering good odds. Auburn has a good chance of being a final four contender, while Mississippi St. is not. As such, the records for the two teams are very different.

Here’s what you can expect to find at DraftKings Sportsbook:

  • Spread: Auburn -4, Mississippi St. +4
  • Total: Auburn O 141.5, Mississippi St. U 141.5
  • Money Line:  Auburn -170, Mississippi St. +150

The money line for Auburn is the obvious wager in this situation. They’re the clear favorites for this game and it will be a big upset if they lose the game. The spread in favor of Auburn is also a solid wager in this respect.

Auburn Betting Outlook

Betting on Auburn is the solid choice in general. However, it’s not normally the sensible choice to bet the favorite on the money line. This is the case here with an Auburn win receiving -170 odds.

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The spread is a much more appealing bet. Set at just -4, it’s definitely a solid wager when you consider that Auburn is significantly stronger than Mississippi State.

The total of over 142.5 is certainly appealing. Auburn has averaged over 140 in 15 of their last 20 games. With odds of -105, this is certainly more appealing than the -115 for under 142.5.

Mississippi State Outlook

Betting on Mississippi St. should generally be avoided. The spread at +4 is too tight to risk. At just +150 for the money line, it’s not strong enough to make it worth backing the underdog here. On the whole, it’s best to solely look at Auburn for your betting options.

This could be hard to hear for Mississippi State fans, but when it comes to betting, you have to go with your head and ignore your heart.

Auburn vs Mississippi State Prediction

Auburn has had a slightly poor run of form recently. With a record of 3-2 in the last 5 games, Auburn needs to get back to winning ways. Surprisingly, Mississippi State has an identical record over their last 5 games. So, in terms of form, these teams are identical.

However, Auburn is without a doubt the stronger of the two sides. What is surprising when looking at the stats is that they have very similar offensive percentages. Conversely, Auburn really stands out on the defensive side of the ball. The defensive stats for Auburn are significantly better than what Mississippi State puts out. This is likely to be where the game is won.

With Auburn at home, there’s a good chance that Auburn will get back to their winning ways. With all of these factors being taken into account, it’s hard to bet against an Auburn win. We believe that it will be by 5 points or more, mainly due to Auburn’s solid defense.

Where to Watch

You can catch the game on TV on the SEC Network. If you prefer to watch online there are also streaming options with WatchESPN and the ESPN app.

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