Best Sports Handicappers on Twitter (Free Picks)

Best Sports Handicapppers (Free Picks)

Being a successful capper is one of the hardest if not the number one hardest professions on earth. You fail around 50% of the time plus some of the bad beats are simply gut-wrenching. But we regress.

The bottom line? We leave it to the professionals and follow their plays. There are many quality cappers on Twitter and most give their picks away for free.

Free sports betting picks are a true gift and are taken for granted by many in the betting world. Many hours are put into these selections and then the capper has the generosity to share them with the public at no cost? We thank you.

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Below are the following cappers we follow on Twitter. These guys have a proven track record of success since we started tracking them. We normally follow their picks verbatim but there might be an odd night when we miss a play.

Our normal wager amount is $100 per game and we are dedicated to bankroll management (which is another subject altogether). You must have the discipline to bet the same amount night in night out without chasing or going on tilt to borrow a poker terminology.

If your starting bankroll is $2,000 bet 2% of that per game i.e. $40 per game. Some recommend going as high as 5% per game which is somewhat aggressive in our opinion but OK. However, we would not recommend going higher than 5%.

Best Sports Handicappers on Twitter

Without further ado here is our list of cappers to follow on Twitter.

Hammering Hank


Beating the bookie one day at a time! l 1-5 unit system l DM me to join VIPMoney-mouth faceMoney bag l Cashapp: $HHankVIP


Sharpest Edge Sports


Award-Winning Sports Consulting | Industry-Leading ROI | Unparalleled Price/Value Ratio | All-Access Packages | Accomplished. Effective. Consistent. Transparent


Cashing Dogs


Professional Underdog Bettor In Sports Betting, the Underdog gives you the upper hand.


System Sports


#1 Sports Prediction System Chart with upwards trend. #1 Verified Transparent Sports Capper.


Hacking Vegas


Sports Betting Syndicate. 2 former Oddsmakers and our Team. 102-39 on Insider Plays and over 56.7% on 1400 plays.


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