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BetMGM Tennessee: Promo Codes, Deposit Match Info, Customer Service, and App Download Links


Sports betting in the United States is complicated. The legality of it is different across the country, and as a result, it can be difficult to figure out where you can place your bets. Fortunately, big brands like BetMGM have made efforts to make the betting process as easy as possible. Notably, they have sportsbooks that are exclusive to specific states. Those of you that live in Tennessee can use BetMGM Tennessee. 

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Sports Betting in Tennessee 

Sports betting in the United States was prohibited from 1992 to 2018 as a result of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. The purpose of this law was to help stop the sports gambling problem that was perceived to exist in the United States at the time. There was a belief in the country that it caused far more harm than good, and as a result, it was prohibited. However, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana had sports lotteries in place already, and they were allowed to keep them in place. Nevada, which was home to several licensed sports pools was also exempt. 

This law stayed in place for over 25 years until in May 2018 the Supreme Court ruled that the federal ban on sports betting was in violation of most states’ rights. As a result, states were given the opportunity to legalize sports betting if they chose to do so. Not all states have legalized sports betting yet, but the rollout has been consistent over the past few years. Tennessee was one of the first states to legalize online sports betting on April 30th, 2019.  

BetMGM was one of the first online sportsbooks to set up in Tennessee after legalization, officially launched BetMGM Tennessee on November 1st, 2020. As one of the most trusted online sportsbooks in the industry, BetMGM gave people new to the industry a safe place to make their first bets. 

Sportsbooks in Tennessee, including BetMGM Tennessee, are regulated by the Tennessee Education Lottery Commission. It’s important to keep in mind that while betting on college sports is permitted, prop bets are not allowed. Additionally, live prop bets on teams and players are not legal. 

BetMGM Tennessee Account Registration 

Before you start the registration process, it is important to make sure that you meet the registration requirements. To sign up for BetMGM Tennessee, you must be a permanent resident of the state of Tennessee. Additionally, you must be 21 years of age or older to participate in online sports betting in Tennessee. 

Now we can take you through the registration process, step by step. 

1. Initiate the Process

To start the registration process, you will need to locate the registration box. If you are using the app, it should be front and center on your screen, and if you are on desktop, it should be in the top right corner of your screen. Once you click on the button, you need to enter your name, date of birth, email address, permanent resident, and all other required information. 

2. Select Your Username and Password

The next thing you need to do is set your username and password. Any time you make a username and password, it is important to ensure their strength. BetMGM Tennessee requires that your username is between 5 and 15 characters. Additionally, you need to start it with a letter, and it should consist of numbers, letters, and special characters.  

Furthermore, your password must include both upper and lowercase letters. Additionally, it must be between 8 and 20 characters in length. It should not include special characters. Finally, your email address should not be included as part of your username or password. 

3. Age Verification

BetMGM Tennessee cannot just take your word on your age. They need to verify that you are 21 or older so that they do not risk any legal ramifications. As a result, you are required to include the final four digits of your social security number. By doing so, BetMGM Tennessee can confirm whether you are 21 years of age or older. 

4. Enter Your Permanent Residence

The next step for you is to enter your physical residence. Providing your permanent residence allows BetMGM Tennessee to confirm that you are a resident of Tennessee. At this time, you will also need to fill in two extra security questions so that your account is extra secure. 

5. Enter Promo Codes

If you have a promo code to use, you will enter it at this time. You can find information about active bonuses and promo codes in one of the sections below. 

6. Verify Your BetMGM Tennessee Account

Finally, you are going to need to verify your account. Go over all the information you filled out carefully to ensure that everything is entered correctly. You will need to agree to the site’s terms and conditions. Once you do this and click enter, you will receive a verification email. Go to that email and click the link to activate your account. You will then be free to start making bets on your favorite sports. 

BetMGM Promo Codes and Bonuses 

Whenever you visit a new sportsbook, you will have the opportunity to claim promo codes and bonuses. Bonuses are great for getting you started, but they can also help you even after you have been around for a while. Below you will find information on several bonuses from BetMGM Tennessee. 

Risk-Free First Bet BetMGM Tennessee Welcome Bonus 

If you have never made a bet before, it might make you nervous. You might not be comfortable spending your personal funds on something uncertain. Unfortunately, that is not something you are going to be able to avoid at BetMGM Tennessee. However, the welcome bonus should help ease your mind. It is a risk-free first bet of up to $1000. Use the code PLAYBONUS to claim this offer.

To qualify for this offer, you need to make an account and make your first deposit. You then need to place your first bet, and you will get your money back if you lose. However, if you win, you will not qualify for this offer on your second bet. This promo is only for your first bet, so you cannot take advantage of it if you win with your first bet. If you lose, your free bets will be provided to you once the wager is settled. 

If your first bet is more than $50, you will receive your free bets in denominations of 20% of the total value of your bet. So, if you made a $1000 bet, you would receive five $200 free bets. However, if you make a $49 bet, you will receive a single $49 free bet. All of your free bets should automatically be applied to your account within 24 hours of your bet being settled. 

It is important to keep in mind that if you claim this offer, you will no longer qualify for any other “new customer” promotions from BetMGM Tennessee. 

BetMGM Tennessee Refer a Friend Bonus

Another great promo code that players can take advantage of is the refer a friend bonus. With this offer, players are incentivized to invite their friends to BetMGM Tennessee. Every player will have a refer a friend invitation link associated with their account. All you need to do is invite them to make an account with that link. If they follow that link to make an account, you will receive a $50 referral bonus when they meet the requirements. The new user needs to wager at least $50 for you to receive the bonus. They have 30 days to make that deposit after making their account.  

It is important to note that the $50 you receive is subject to 1x wagering requirements. Additionally, if you are suspected of manipulations or fraud, BetMGM Tennessee reserves the right to withhold the refer a friend bonus. They can even terminate your account if they desire. 

Free Bet Every Week at BetMGM Tennessee 

If you end up playing at BetMGM Tennessee regularly, you will want to claim bonuses as often as possible. Fortunately, you are going to have the chance to claim a free bet every week. First, you need to opt into the Money Monday promotion on the promotions page of the site. To qualify for this offer, you need to bet a total of $50 or more in qualifying bets throughout the week. You should note that the week starts at 12:01 AM on Monday morning and runs through 11:59 PM on Sunday. All times are in EST. If you do this, you will receive a $10 free bet at the end of the week. 

There are a few terms and conditions associated with this offer. Notably, qualifying bets must be on odds of -300 or greater. Bets also must be settled within that week to qualify. As a result, futures bets do not qualify for this promotion. Furthermore, cashed-out bets do not qualify for the free bet under this bonus. Finally, free bets are limited to one person per IP address.  

Premier League One Game Parlay Insurance 

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and as a result, it should not be a surprise to hear that it is also one of the biggest for sports betting. Fortunately, BetMGM Tennessee has a bonus for you to claim related to the Premier League. If you have placed an EPL One Game Parlay wager, you have the opportunity to get up to $25 back in free bets if you miss one leg.  

To claim this offer, you need to opt into the EPL One Game Parlay Insurance promotion. You then need to place a parlay bet on the EPL with four legs or more. Please note that the maximum number of legs is 20. Then, if you miss one leg on your first parlay of the day, you will receive up to $25 in free bets back. 

You should note that there are some qualifications for this offer. Firstly, only your first parlay bet of the day is eligible for this promotion. As a result, if you win your first parlay, you cannot get the $25 from your second parlay of the day. Secondly, it’s important to note that you will only receive this bonus if only one of your legs failed. So, if you made a four-leg parlay and they all missed, you would not receive the free bets. Parlay insurance is in place to reward players for getting close to their parlay. It’s not intended to reward all players that fail their bets. 

However, you should be happy to hear that this promotion can be claimed every day. If you receive a free bet, you need to redeem it online or in the app. The funds can only be used in one bet.

NBA Top Squad at BetMGM Tennessee 

Basketball fans have a lot to enjoy in terms of bonuses at BetMGM Tennessee. Basketball is one of the biggest sports for betting, and as a result, many bonuses get geared towards it. With that in mind, BetMGM has implemented the Top NBA Squad promotion. With this feature, you can select your favorite NBA team, and you will receive customized content and offers based on that team. So, if you live in Tennessee and your favorite team is the Memphis Grizzlies, you will receive bonuses related to the Grizzlies and their games. 

Save Money at MGM Resorts 

Another benefit you get as a BetMGM Tennessee user is that you get discounts at MGM Resorts in Las Vegas. In 2022, BetMGM is offering a 20% discount to stay at BetMGM Resorts in Las Vegas. The promotion runs through December 27, 2022, and is valid through the 29th of December.  

BetMGM Tennessee Rewards 

BetMGM rewards are a little different from traditional bonuses. Instead, they exist as a VIP program or loyalty club for long-time players. Players that play online with BetMGM or at an in-person BetMGM resort will earn credits that they can cash in for new rewards. Earning more points will allow you to rise to different tiers.  

All players are automatically entered into the Sapphire tier when they make their accounts. They then can enter the Pearl tier at 20,000 credits, the Gold tier at 75,000 credits, and the Platinum tier at 200,000 credits. Finally, the Noir tier is accessed via invitation only. 

The tier you are in determines the size of your birthday bonus, anniversary free bet, cashback rewards, and more. At the gold tier, players get access to premium customer support. When they get to the platinum tier, they get access to expedited window service at MGM resorts. Finally, players invited to the noir tier get access to a dedicated VIP host.  

Customer Service at BetMGM Tennessee 

Customer service is active at BetMGM Tennessee 24/7. It is accessible to all users of all tier levels. However, users are encouraged to go through the FAQ section of the website before they contact customer support. 

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If a player has a problem that they need to have resolved, they can click on the help and contact link at the top right corner of the website. There they can select the topic that they have a question related to. Categories include account details, account access, deposit, promotions and bonuses, sports betting rules, withdrawal, geolocation, unable to play, and responsible gaming. Once you select the category relevant to your situation, the most common questions related to that topic will appear. You can select the option that answers your question here.  

However, if that does not sufficiently answer your question, or if your question is not listed, you can contact BetMGM Tennessee. There is a live chat feature that is available 24/7. Alternatively, if your question is not pressing, you can email customer support and they will get back to you as soon as possible.  

You should note that before you open your support ticket, there is a place for you to verify your account information. This feature is in place to ensure that nothing is wrong with your account. It also allows customer support to better help you because they have easier access to your account information. 

BetMGM Tennessee App Download Links 

A lot of people enjoy making bets on their computers, but that does not work for everyone. Instead, there are lots of you that would probably prefer to make them from your phone. For you to do that, you are going to need to download the app on your phone. Fortunately, the BetMGM Sportsbook app can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices. The apps can also be downloaded on your computer so that you do not need to use the website directly. 

Furthermore, you should note that the BetMGM state apps were recently merged into one unified BetMGM app. Now users can use the state switcher function within the app to select the state they are playing in. Doing this ensures that players do not need to worry about downloading a new app if they travel to another state. In that scenario, all you will need to do is switch your state and make a new account to make bets with. 


The download link for the Apple BetMGM Sportsbook app can be found here. If you are on your phone, open up the app store and search for BetMGM Sportsbook. This app should show up at the top of the results. Additionally, this app is completely free to download. 


If you own an Android device, you can download the app through this link. Alternatively, you can go to the Google Play store and search for BetMGM Sportsbook. Like with Apple, this app should be at the top of the results. Download the app for free to start making your bets. 

Popular Features with BetMGM Tennessee 

Part of the reason that BetMGM Tennessee is amongst the industry leaders in sports betting is that they have unique features for their users to enjoy. They innovate in the industry, and their competitors follow. With that in mind, here are some of the most popular features that you can enjoy while you explore the site or app. 

Early Cash Outs 

On most sites, when you make a bet, you need to wait until your bet is complete to cash out. This makes sense because you cannot know the full results of your bet until the game is concluded. However, BetMGM Tennessee gives users the opportunity to cash out early on some bets.  

For example, if you made a bet on one team as the leader in three-pointers, and they have a lead at halftime, you can cash out before the game ends. When you do this, the odds of your bet will be adjusted so that you cash out for less money. While cashing for less is not ideal, cashing out early also allows you to avoid bad beats.  

Anyone that has a history of sports betting has seen a late-game rally that ruined their bet. If you use the early cash out feature, you can avoid those scenarios. 

Bet Editing

Another feature BetMGM Tennessee users can enjoy is one called “Edit my Bet.” When you use this feature, you are able to edit your bets even after the game has started. However, to use this feature, at least one section of your bet needs to remain open. Additionally, it is essential that the bet you are changing can be cashed out by BetMGM Tennessee.  

If you meet the above criteria, you can edit your bet in a few ways. Firstly, you can add another leg to your initial bet. You can also change the choice made in your initial bet, remove a section from your initial bet, and increase the stake you originally wagered. These options give players many opportunities to maximize their profits. Now, you will need to risk your bet to add another wager to it, but if you are confident in your initial bet, you could increase your profits tenfold.  

Alternatively, users can choose to remove sections of their parlay if they are not confident in some of the other sections of their bet. Removing sections of your parlay lowers your profit opportunities, but it can be the smart thing to do in some scenarios. 

Learn the Terms with the BetMGM Tennessee Sports Betting Guide 

Sports betting comes with a variety of terms and phrases that are not intuitive to new players. Most sites do not take the time to explain what these things mean, and as a result, sports betting can have a significant learning curve. Fortunately, BetMGM understands how difficult it can be for new players, and as a result, they have implemented a sports betting guide. 

In the guide, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about sports betting. The guide includes detailed explanations of point spreads, money lines, and point totals. Additionally, it takes you through the details of parlay bets and how odds are calculated. Finally, there is an explanation of prop bets and what you can do with them. Keep in mind that while you cannot make prop bets on college sports in Tennessee, you can still make them on professional sports.

BetMGM Tennessee FAQs


We hope that you have all the information you need to get started at BetMGM Tennessee. However, we understand that there might be some outstanding questions you have about the site or app. Here we have compiled answers to some of the most common questions from players.

What Methods Can You Use for Deposits?

For you to enjoy any of the features on the BetMGM Tennessee website or app, you are going to need to deposit money. You need money to claim bonuses and make bets. As a result, this is a very important process. Fortunately, BetMGM Tennessee has simplified the process for users. Players can use debit cards, electronic bank transfers, or e-wallets to make their deposits with BetMGM. If you use a debit card like Visa or Mastercard, you just need to enter the key information to facilitate your deposit. You then need to confirm the deposit with your bank because not all banks allow these kinds of transactions. Unfortunately, BetMGM Tennessee does not allow the use of bank cards at the moment. Fortunately, electronic transfers are permitted at BetMGM Tennessee. Using this method, money is transferred directly from your bank account to your BetMGM account. To do so, you need to enter your key bank details. However, you do need to confirm the transaction with your bank because not all banks permit these transactions. Finally, users can use e-wallets like PayPal or Skrill to make their deposits. These are great options, especially for people who experience complications with bank transfers. To deposit money to your account, find the deposit button. Once selected, you must choose the deposit method you want to use. Enter the amount of money you want to deposit. Once you submit the payment, your funds will deposit into your account immediately.

What Methods Can be Used for Withdrawals at BetMGM Tennessee?

To make a withdrawal from your BetMGM Tennessee account, you need to select the withdraw button from your account. You then need to choose the method you prefer to use. Keep in mind that processing times are different for all withdrawal methods. The first option you have available to you is to receive a physical check by mail. This method is reliable, but it is important that you provide accurate and descriptive information for your address. Furthermore, this method takes the longest because the check needs to physically travel from BetMGM to your home. Alternatively, users can choose to receive an electronic check. This method is essentially a bank transfer, and it is much faster than receiving a check in the mail. The check is processed directly once your winnings have been verified. Finally, users can choose to withdraw to an e-wallet like PayPal or Skrill. This method does not take long. However, there is the downside that you need to transfer money twice. It has to be transferred to your e-wallet, and then you need to transfer it to your bank.

Why Isn’t the BetMGM Tennessee App Working?

If you play for long enough, there is a decent chance you will try to play at some point and the app will be down. There are several factors that can lead to app downtime. If the problem is on your end, it is likely that you forgot to turn on your device’s location. If you forget to do this, the app cannot tell where you are, and as a result, it cannot validate your location. It is also possible that the app is down for scheduled maintenance. This does not happen often, but when it does, it is unlikely that the app will remain down for long. BetMGM keeps its customers updated on social media when there is scheduled downtime.

Is In-Play Betting Allowed at BetMGM Tennessee?

Yes, in-play betting is permitted both on the desktop site and mobile devices. You can place wagers during the middle of a game. However, as we mentioned earlier, in-play betting is not allowed for college sports in Tennessee.

Which Sports Can You Bet On?

BetMGM Tennessee allows its users to bet on a wide variety of sports. The top sports include football, MMA, boxing, formula 1, table tennis, basketball, baseball, golf, hockey, and rugby. However, those are not the only sports that you can bet on. BetMGM Tennessee allows its users to bet on almost any sport you can think of.

Are There Any Legal Issues You Need to Worry About When Playing on the BetMGM Tennessee App?

No, there are no legal issues with BetMGM Tennessee. As we outlined above, BetMGM Tennessee is fully licensed and regulated. It is legal to use if you live in Tennessee. However, you should note that it is illegal to use a VPN or lie about your location in any way. If it is found that you have done this for the sake of using the BetMGM Tennessee app, you might experience legal ramifications.

What Age Do You Need to be to Play?

We mentioned this briefly above, but we'll reiterate it here. You need to be 21 years of age or older to use the BetMGM Tennessee website or app.

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