Betting on the English Premier League for Newcomers

While the English Premier League might not seem appealing to too many US bettors, it actually holds a huge amount of value in terms of wagers. This is because it uses a different system to US sports in terms of how the league is set up.

The English soccer pyramid uses promotion and relegation to decide the teams that make up its leagues. There are also no rewards for teams that perform poorly over time. This is because there is no draft system in place for rookies. It means that it’s a much more closed shop in terms of the team who are likely to win the league.

English Premier League Basics

Before you even start to think about betting on the English Premier League, you need to learn a few things about it. Firstly, it has a promotion and relegation system. We know we’ve already mentioned that, but not everyone knows how this works. Essentially, each season three teams are relegated down to the division below. As a result, three teams are promoted up from the division below. So, there is a fresh cycle of new teams constantly coming up to the Premier League.

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There’s also no post-season included in the Premier League, the team that finishes top is the champion for the season. However, there are cup competitions throughout the season. These include domestic cups which feature clubs from all teams within the English soccer pyramid and European cups which are for the top teams in Europe.

Betting on cup competitions is something that you can do if you like. However, we’re going to steer clear of that to keep things clear and easier to understand.

Small Selection of Winners

There are usually a few teams that win year after year because of its system. It’s unlikely for teams outside of the five biggest clubs to win the league. Over the last ten years, this has been narrowed down to 3 teams that have a good chance of winning the league.

There have been just seven different winners of the Premier League since its inaugural 1992/93 season. Manchester United has won the most with 13 titles. However, they haven’t really been in contention since winning in 2012/13. Since then, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Leicester have all won the league. The Leicester win is generally regarded as an anomaly, with the other three teams being the ones who usually compete for titles.

The reason for this is the top-end teams get more revenue from sponsorship, prize money, and TV deals. They can then sign the best-quality players and dominate at the top of the league. It ensures that it’s much harder for teams lower down in the football pyramid to compete for championships.

Why Bet on the Premier League?

This is a really good question. If the league is pretty much a closed shop shouldn’t bets be worthless? It makes sense to think like that, but there are several different factors that stop this from being the case.

The first is the wide range of different markets that are offered within the Premier League. Since soccer is a game that has a lot of intricacies to it, the markets have value for bettors to find. It’s not just the regular markets that you would expect to find in the NBA or NFL that help it to stand out either. Things such as first goalscorer, number of bookings, and score handicaps are much more varied within soccer.

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Part of this is because it is an inherently low-scoring game. This results in a lot of added value for bettors. Another thing to consider is that games can end in a tie.

This means that from a tactical perspective, teams are less likely to leave themselves open to losing if they feel they can defend a tied game. This doesn’t happen in US-centric sports. So, there is a much better chance of finding wagers that can give you the best possible value.

Useful Premier League Markets

It’s easy to overlook the different markets that are available. So many people just look at the money line and focus there. However, unless you’re using in-play betting, it’s not always easy to find value in these markets. The additional markets provide much better value, especially if you carry out your research beforehand.

Total Goals Markets

This is one of the very best markets to look into. If there are teams that often score one or more goals in a game then the total goals market will allow you to place a wager that will return excellent value. If there is a team that scores a lot of goals but also has a leaky backline, then it’s even better. You can bet for a higher number of total goals and get a better return.

You can also place a total goals wager for a single half of a game. This is very useful when your research indicates that teams score either early or late in the game. Depending on which it is, your wager can be placed on the first or second half. Furthermore, you can combine it with in-play betting to get more value. If you know that a team scores most of its goals after the 70th minute, you can get better odds by placing your bet in the 70th minute than if you had placed it at halftime.

First/Last Scorer Markets

Is there a player who often opens the scoring for his team? Is there a player who regularly comes off the bench to score a late winner? These are the players that you should look for when making these wagers. It’s a great way to get extra value from a game that is too tight to call. You might not be able to call the result, but if you know who is likely to open the scoring, then you can still turn a profit.

Booking Points Markets

This is a great market to research. It can be used in a number of different ways. For example, if two teams have a particular rivalry, such as Liverpool and Manchester United then it might get a little bit feisty. In this situation, placing a wager on a high number of booking points is sensible.

Value is found when both teams are normally soft on the pitch. Since rivalries in soccer are usually quite heated, it’s likely that teams that don’t pick up a lot of bookings will buck against their usual trends. This is where you can get better value from the sportsbooks as they will still offer relatively good odds for a high number of booking points. Watch out for these games as it’s often where the best value lies.

Learn About Soccer

This is probably the most important thing that you need to do to be a successful bettor. Soccer has many complexities that make very little sense at first glance. If you want to start betting on the English Premier League, you will have to start watching a few games.

It’s actually a lot more interesting than many people give it credit for. A game can be scoreless but still have end-to-end action that’s quite exciting. Additionally, if you understand what’s happening on the pitch, you’ll be able to use in-play betting more effectively.

If you want to place a wager on more than 1.5 goals being scored but want the best return, you need to watch the game. If you don’t understand the game then you will miss out on good value bets. As such, it’s vital to get a feel for the game before you think about betting on it.

You should also look for a sportsbook that offers the markets you want to wager on. It’s important to have a quality sportsbook in place; especially after working hard to understand how the game works.

Make sure to get all of this down to a tee. Then you’ll be ready to start your Premier League journey.

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