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Bryant vs Wright State: Odds, Line, and Picks (3/16/22)

The NCAA Tournament kicked off last night with the first two matches of the first four taking place. Indiana and Texas Southern advanced to the main bracket, and today two more games will take place. Both should be interesting matches, but we’re more interested in the lower seeds. It’s always exciting to see the lower-seeded teams fight for their life. So, today we are going to take a look at the matchup between Wright State and Bryant. 

Not a lot is expected of these teams in the NCAA Tournament. In fact, it’s likely that the winner of this game will immediately be ousted in the first round. They will need to defeat Arizona to get past the first round, and that isn’t likely. That being said, the NCAA Tournament isn’t about winning the whole thing for most teams. Instead, it’s a test to see how far each team can get. For teams like Wright State and Rutgers, making it to the official bracket would be a tremendous accomplishment. 

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Furthermore, while these aren’t two highly ranked teams, it should be a close game. Bryant is ranked 172nd in the nation, and Wright State is ranked 192nd. With placements like those, it’s a miracle that they even made it to the first four. So, it will be interesting to see if they seize the opportunity that has been given to them. 

Bryant vs Wright State Odds 

Coming into the game, it’s difficult to assess which team will come out on top. Bryant is the higher seed, but it isn’t by any significant margin. Additionally, strength of schedule between these teams could make up the difference in records. So, we’re interested to see what the odds are at DraftKings Sportsbook. 

  • Spread: Bryant +3 Wright State -3
  • Total: Bryant U 155 Wright State O 155
  • Money Line: Bryant +135 Wright State -155

It is interesting to see that despite being the lower seed, Wright State is the betting favorite. 

Bryant Betting Outlook 

Bryant is the betting underdog despite having a better overall record than Wright State. The oddsmakers likely view Bryant’s conference as weaker than the one Wright State plays in. That being said, Bryant impressively won the Horizon League Conference and did not falter in the tournament.  

With that in mind, betting on Bryant to win the game tonight makes a lot of sense. As the underdog, you get +135 odds when you bet on them. They have played well in most situations this season, and while they have not performed incredibly well in out-of-conference games, their games are normally close. There isn’t a lot separating these two teams, and as a result, betting on Bryant to win is reasonable. 

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Betting on Bryant’s side of the spread makes a lot of sense because they do not even need to win for you to win your bet. With a +3 spread, they can lose by two points and you will still cash out. As a result, if you have faith in Bryant, betting their side of the spread makes sense. 

Finally, the total is set at 155, which implies that the oddsmakers expect a high-scoring game. That seems reasonable as these are two very poor defensive teams. They aren’t necessarily great offensively, but they’re much better on that side of the ball. 

Wright State Betting Outlook 

Betting on either team makes sense here, but it’s harder to justify betting on the favorite when things are this close. You get -155 betting on Wright State, which isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. If you have faith in Wright State, or if you’re a fan, you can bet on Wright State. That being said, we’d recommend betting on Bryant over Wright State. 

Bryant vs Wright State Prediction 

Bryant performed exceptionally well in their conference, racking up 16 wins in just 18 games, and winning their conference. However, they were just 6-7 in out of conference games. Conversely, Wright State finished 4th in the Horizon League with a 15-7 record, but they won their conference tournament. They performed slightly better than Bryant in out-of-conference games with a 6-6 record. As a result, it is difficult to get much separation here. 

Both teams are in great form having won their conference tournaments. However, Bryant has had a longer run of good form, only losing twice since the turn of the new year. Conversely, Wright State went 3-3 to finish their regular season. As a result, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Bryant has looked dominant as of late. 

Finally, we want to take a quick look at the advanced stats. Wright State has the edge on offense, ranking 121st in adjusted offensive efficiency compared to Bryant who’s ranked 153rd. However, Bryant has a much bigger edge on defense. While neither team is great defensively, Bryant and Wright State are ranked 218th and 266th, respectively.  

With all that in mind, we favor Bryant’s elite run of form. We think their defense will get more stops than Wright State, and as a result, they will be victorious. Our final prediction is that Bryant defeats Wright State by the score of 88-80. 

Where to Watch 

This game can be watched on NCAA-T at 6:40 PM EST.

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