Ultimate Funko Pop Bob’s Burgers Figures Guide

Everyone has different interests, and as a result, there is a big difference in what people choose to collect. Some people enjoy collecting trading cards, watches, or shoes, but those are not the only options. People can also collect unique items like Funko Pops. For example, Funko Pop Bob’s Burgers figures are rising in popularity.

Bob’s Burgers is one of the most popular cartoons on the planet. It follows the five quirky members of the Blecher family. They own a burger shop and get up to exciting adventures. The five members of the family include the titular character and father Bob, his wife, Linda, and their three children.

If you have watched the show, you probably understand why it has risen in popularity throughout its run. Not only is it hilarious, but the show has the ability to be heartfelt in a way that most cartoons are not capable of.

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If you are a big Bob’s Burgers fan, you can purchase Funko Pops that have been released of every significant character. Each Funko Pop features a character with their signature item.

Funko Pop Bob’s Burgers Figures Checklist

If you think of yourself as a collector, you will want to get your hands on every Bob’s Burgers Funko Pop figure. Fortunately, there are less than 15 figures for you to purchase based on the TV show.

However, there are a few more that are set to be released to commemorate the Bob’s Burgers movie. Here is a list of the figures that have already been released to the public.

  • 74 Bob Belcher
  • 75 Linda Belcher
  • 76 Tina Belcher
  • 76 Tina Belcher Rainbow Pride
  • 77 Gene Belcher
  • 78 Louise Belcher
  • 102 Beefsquatch
  • 103 Teddy
  • 104 Buttloose Tina
  • 105 Burger Suit Gene – Hot Topic
  • 292 Tina Belcher with Cheesebugers – BoxLunch
  • 414 Louise Belcher with Condiments – BoxLunch

Funko Pop Bob’s Burgers Figures Values

Now that we have listed the 12 main Funko Pop Bob’s Burgers figures, we would like to look at one much each of them is worth. Additionally, we will look at the unique features of each Funko Pop.

74 Bob Belcher

The first Funko Pop Bob’s Burgers figure we want to look at is of course of the titular character, Bob Belcher. Bob is the main character of the show, so it should be no surprise that his Funko Pops are among the most popular in the set.

Fortunately, Funko Pops are not the most popular investment items, and as a result, they do not rise very high in price. You can currently buy an unopened copy of this figure on eBay for $38.50. However, it is important to note that there are flaws on the box.

The Funko Pop features a typical design. Bob has an oversized head and he is wearing his regular white apron. Additionally, he is holding a burger out on a plate with his left hand.

75 Linda Belcher

If we started with Bob, it only makes sense to follow up with his wife, Linda. She is one of the most popular characters on the show, and as a result, it should be no surprise that her Funko Pops are very popular.

In an unopened and undamaged box, you can purchase a Linda Belcher Funko Pop figure for $40 on eBay. However, you can take a few dollars off that price if you are willing to purchase a copy with minor box damage.

The figure itself features Linda with her hands together, wearing her red shirt and white apron. Additionally, she is wearing her signature oversized red glasses.

76 Tina Belcher

Tina Belcher is one of Bob and Linda’s three kids. She is a good student and known for getting up to unexpected hijinx. She is a fan favorite, and as a result, her Funko Pops sell for similar prices to her parents.

In fact, you can purchase a Tina Belcher Funko Pop figure for $38.50, the same as one of Bob’s. The only downside is that the copy available for this price has minor flaws on the bottom right side of the box.

The figure of Tina has her in a blue shirt and her signature glasses. Additionally, she is carrying a book in her left arm.

76 Tina Belcher Rainbow Pride

Sticking with Tina for a little bit, we have the Tina Belcher Rainbow Pride Funko Pop. This figure is dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community with its rainbow design. It has an identical design to the original, with one significant difference. The entire figurine is rainbow colored, giving it a unique look.

Fortunately, if you like this design, you can purchase it for less than the original. Although we like the unique design, it is not for everyone, so it is a little bit cheaper. It can be purchased on eBay for $33.

77 Gene Belcher

Another popular character is Gene Belcher. She is one of the three kids in the family and is loved by the fanbase. She is so loved that her Funko Pops sell for more than those of most other characters.

On eBay, you can purchase a Gene Belcher Funko Pop figure in an undamaged and unopened box for $42.50. The signature item for Gene in this figure is her portable keyboard.

78 Louise Belcher

Louise Belcher is the last of the Belcher children for us to look at. We know we have said this a lot, but Louise is another popular character. There are not many disliked characters on this show, and as a result, their Funko Pop figures have similar values.

You can purchase a new Louise Belcher Funko Pop in an unopened and undamaged box on eBay for $42.50. That ties Louise for having the most valuable Funko Pop thus far with Gene.

Louise has two signature items in her Funko Pop design. She is wearing her pink bunny hat which covers most of her hair. Additionally, she is carrying her green stuffed animal in her left hand. Her stuffed animal matches her green shirt, so you can miss it if you gloss over it.

102 Beefsquatch

While people love the Belcher family, some Funko Pops of the side characters sell for even more. Beefsquatch is a unique character on the show as he resembles a gremlin. However, that is not what he is. Instead, Beefsquatch is a character that is meant to be a version of a sasquatch that wears a burger (It’s really a suit worn by Eugene).

The figure resembles what you see on the show nearly identically. It has a giant sasquatch head and it is wearing a burger. Finally, you can see Eugene’s red shoes poking out of the bottom of the burger.

Since Beefsquatch is from such a fun and weird episode, this Funko Pop is very valuable. An unopened and undamaged copy can be purchased for $57 on eBay.

103 Teddy

Teddy is another fun character on Bob’s Burgers that is not a part of the Belcher family. He is a carpenter, handyman, and Bob’s best friend. He frequently visits the diner for various reasons throughout the show.

A perfect copy of a Teddy Funko Pop figure can be purchased in the box for $50 on eBay. While this is a step down for Beefsquatch, it is still among the most valuable figures.

Teddy has one of the simplest designs for his Funko Pop. You can see the stubble on his face and the beanie on his head. He is wearing a blue shirt and brown pants. Finally, he is eating a burger, and you can even see a bite already taken out of it.

104 Buttloose Tina

This Tina figurine is based on the episode where she gives a performance of Buttloose. Buttloose is a knockoff on the show of the famous movie Footloose.

Since it is not the classic Tina design, this Funko Pop is not as valuable as her original figurine. You can purchase a mint condition copy in an unopened box for just $30.

The design of this Funko Pop features Tina with her hair blowing in the wind. She is wearing her regular glasses, but she has a pink headband.

Pink is a common feature on this Funko Pop as Tina is wearing a Pink unitard, socks, and shoes. She really commits to her character in Buttloose.

105 Burger Suit Gene – Hot Topic

Now we are getting back to Gene, but here he is not wearing his usual outfit. Instead, he is wearing a burger, similar to Beefsquatch. In addition to wearing the burger, Gene is carrying a megaphone to get everyone’s attention.

Interestingly, while the Buttloose Tina figure was much cheaper than the original, a new copy of Burger Suit Gene is still sold for $42.50.

292 Tina Belcher with Cheeseburgers – BoxLunch

While Buttloose Tina was not a hit in the Funko Pop community, Tina Belcher with Cheeseburgers is certainly popular. The cheapest mint condition on eBay is currently available for $72. However, that copy is up for auction and could rise in price. Non-auction copies are available for around $100 on eBay.

Tina has a fairly normal design in this Funko Pop. She is wearing her glasses and her hair is styled normally. She is wearing a white apron and is carrying a burger on a plate in each hand.

414 Louise Belcher with Condiments – BoxLunch

The final Funko Pop we want to look at today is of Louise Belcher. This Louise Belcher Funko Pop features Louise as she prepares to cause chaos with several condiments. She is wielding a ketchup bottle in one hand and a mustard bottle in the other. You can already see mustard and ketchup starting to leave the bottles.

However, other than the condiments, there are not any differences in this Funko Pop from Louise’s original design. She is still wearing her pink rabbit hat and green shirt.

People like the fun design of this Funko Pop, and as a result, they are willing to pay a little more for it. You can buy an unopened and undamaged copy for $55 on eBay.

Final Thoughts

Funko Pops are not a traditional collector’s items, especially for investments. Most people choose to stick with trading cards, shoes, or watches if they want to make a fun investment. However, there is nothing wrong with investing in Funko Pops.

You will not have a massive return on Bob’s Burgers Funko Pops, but you can expect to make some money. We expect most of these figures to rise in price in the coming years because they will not be restocked.

There is not a huge community here, but the people interested are very willing to shell out some money. So, there is money to be made for those willing to seize the opportunity.

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