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Kansas vs Texas Tech: Odds, Line, and Picks (3/12/22)

College Basketball season is in full swing. While many tournaments don’t end until tomorrow, the Big 12 Conference will wrap up its tournament tonight. The finals match will see Kansas take on Texas Tech. It should be a thrilling match between two of the highest-ranked teams in the nation. 

A big problem with the early rounds of college basketball tournaments is that the games aren’t usually close. The high seeded teams play the worst teams in the conference, and the games aren’t exciting. While that isn’t always the case in the early rounds, it certainly won’t be the case tonight. Kansas enters as the number one seed in the Big 12, and Texas Tech is the number three seed. 

You will notice that the number two seed is missing from the championship game. As a result, you might think that Texas Tech pulled off an upset, but that is not the case. Instead, the 7th seeded Oklahoma defeated the number two seed Baylor in the quarterfinals. Texas Tech then narrowly defeated Oklahoma 56-55 yesterday. Kansas had a much easier time in their semi-final matchup, defeating 5th seeded TCU 75-62. 

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Only time will tell who will be crowned the Big 12 champion, but that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it. It should be an interesting game to watch, and an even more exciting one to bet on. 

Kansas vs Texas Tech Odds 

As you would expect from two closely ranked teams, the odds do not show a big discrepancy between the teams. That being said, there is still a favorite and an underdog. Here you can find the odds, courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook. 

  • Spread: Kansas -2 Texas Tech +2
  • Total: Kansas U 134.5 Texas Tech O 134.5
  • Money Line: Kansas -135 Texas Tech +115

Kansas is the favorite, but not by much. As a result, which team does it makes more sense to bet on? 

Kansas Betting Outlook 

As the favorite, betting on Kansas means that you will less money. However, it also means that it is more likely that your bet will come true. Betting on the favorite doesn’t always make sense, especially when they are massive favorites. However, when they are a minor favorite like Kansas is here, it can make sense. Betting on Kansas will still fetch you a decent reward because you get -135 odds. 

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The spread here is interesting because it is set at -2 for Kansas. With such a low spread, it makes sense to bet the spread on the team that you think will win. Yes, there’s a chance that Kansas wins by two or less, but it is far more likely that they will win by at least three. As a result, a spread bet makes sense.  

The total is an interesting one to lockdown. These teams played twice this season, but one of those games ended in double overtime. As a result, we can’t gauge much from that in terms of the total score. However, we can get some information from the first game where Texas Tech won 75-67. If they score that number of points again, they will eclipse the over by eight points. So, betting the over makes sense here. 

Texas Tech Betting Outlook 

When you bet on the underdog, you want to get great odds. Otherwise, it isn’t usually worth it to make the bet. Here you are only getting +115 odds for a Texas Tech win. That isn’t invaluable, but it isn’t great either. While Texas Tech split their games with Kansas during the season, there are reasons to be nervous. Notably, Texas Tech narrowly escaped an upset yesterday, defeating Oklahoma by just one point. A bet here could make sense, but it isn’t a lock to make like some other wagers. 

Kansas vs Texas Tech Prediction 

Before we make our prediction, we need to look at the stats and other driving factors. Firstly, let’s look at their records. Kansas finished the season with a 14-4 in-conference record, and 27-6 overall. Conversely, Texas tech had a 12-6 in-conference record and was 25-8 overall. As you can see, these teams performed equally in out of conference games, but Kansas outperformed Texas Tech within the Big 12.  

Looking at the form, it’s clear that neither team is in top form at the moment. Kansas closed the season by winning two games, but they lost two games before that. Texas Tech also went 2-2 in their final regular-season games. However, Kansas has been more dominant in the playoffs. They won 87-63 over West Virginia in the quarterfinals and followed it up with a dominant 75-62 victory over TCU in the semifinals. While Texas Tech handily defeated Iowa State 72-41 in the quarterfinals, they narrowly escaped defeat in the semifinals, beating Oklahoma 56-55. 

Finally, the advanced stats favor Kansas. They show that Kansas is a dominant offensive team, whereas Texas Tech is dominant on defense. The difference comes in how each team performs on their weaker side of the floor. Kansas is a better defensive team than Texas Tech is as an offensive team. 

As a result, we’re going to bet on Kansas to win by the score of 73-68. While they went 1-1 against each other in the regular season, we think Kansas is performing better right now, and as a result, they get the edge. 

Where to Watch 

You can watch the game on ESPN tonight at 6 PM EST.

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