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NFL Week 5 Picks (Iron Clad Locks)

Let’s start the festivities with the 1-2-1 Indianapolis Colts taking on the 2-2 Denver Broncos

Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos 7:15 CT Amazon Prime

A showdown between two average (at best) NFL football teams. Both teams deal with aging quarterbacks well past their prime, especially the Colts. Some pundits may claim otherwise regarding R. Wilson and the Broncos, but we could not disagree more. As good as Wilson WAS, he is now well past his prime and is rolling on some flat, aged tires.


The game is in Denver, which automatically lends a slight advantage to the Broncos. But is playing at home a big enough advantage to help power the Broncos to the win? Hard to say as we are still monitoring public betting lines and will update you guys if we place a wager.


On the other hand, the total looks like a big, fat, juicy porterhouse steak at Delmonicos. Pour some A1 on that bad boy and chow down. We have unloaded six dimes on the UNDER 42 and may add even more if the total rises up to game time. 

Where to Watch

This game will be on Amazon Prime, just like the previous Thursday Night NFL Games this year. Going against public opinion is what we specialize in, and we honestly don’t mind the coverage on Amazon to date (baseball on Facebook is a different story but don’t get us started on that subject). 


Seattle Seahawks vs TB Bucs

Check back in a few days as the game approaches.

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