Our 10 Best Exotic Prop Bets in Super Bowl 56 (Easy Money)

Superbowl 56 Exotic Prop Bets

Prop bets are a Thursday night out with the boys. Exotic prop bets are a Saturday night out in Vegas.

We love an exotic prop bet. We suspect 50% of our Superbowl bets will consist of them. 

Superbowl 56 will take place Sunday, February 13, 2022, and will feature Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals vs. the Los Angeles Rams.


Prop Bet vs Exotic Prop Bet (examples)

Lets refresh the difference between a prop bet and an exotic prop bet. We will use examples as we find them the ideal format to explain many sports betting relating terms.

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Standard Prop Bet:  Will There Be A Missed PAT Conversion?
Exotic Prop Bet: Will Any Word Be Forgotten In The National Anthem?

Standard Prop Bet:  Will The Last Score Of The 1st Half Is A Field Goal
Exotic Prop Bet: What Will Happen To The Price Of Bitcoin During The Super Bowl?

Standard Prop Bet:  What Will The Longest Score Of The Game Be?
Exotic Prop Bet: How Many Times Will Roger Goodell Be Shown?

OK, so now that we have an idea of what an exotic prop bet is lets take a look at our 10 favorite for this years Superbowl featuring the Cincinnatio Bunguls and the LA Lambs.


10 Easy Money Prop Bets in Superbowl 56

Here are some exotic prop bets in SB 56 that we feel should cash, and failrly easily. Please note all below bets are available via Bovada.


#1. Will Any Player Propose To His Girlfriend On The Field After The Game? Yes +400 | No -650

Seriously? Is this for real? Unless someone has insider information I can’t believe any player in the league would be that sappy to pull off an engagement proposal after just winning SP 56. Bet $650 to win a $100 and laugh all the way to the bank.

#2. Will Either Kicker Hit The Upright Or Crossbar On A Missed Field-Goal Or Extra-Point Attempt? Yes +320 | No -475

Is it me or does -475 seem silly low for this bet? Did they leave out a zero? -4750 seems much more legit but then again I don’t keep track of this happening. Either way, I’m betting it and loving it. Bet $475 to win $100.

#3. Will The Halftime Show Have Professional On-Stage Dancers? Yes +6600 | No -12000

My wife says without doubt stage dancers will make an appearance. I’m not 100% sure and either way I love NO at -12000. Bet $100 to win $12,000.

#4. Will Joe Burrow Be Compared to Macaulay Culkin? Yes +700 No -2000

In which alternative universe would Joe Burrow be compared to the kid from Home Alone on national TV less the most-watched event of the year? None. Bet $2000 to win $200.

#5. Will the SB record of 14 catches be broken? ( Yes +600 | No -1500

Sorry, we just don’t see this one happening and NO being a juicy 15 to 1 just seems too low. Bet $1500 to win $100.


Good luck all and we will update this article after the big game on Monday morning.


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