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Top 10 Pavel Bure Rookie Cards to Buy Now

Top 10 Pavel Bure Rookie Cards to Buy Now

Often referred to as “the Russian Rocket” for his tremendous speed, Pavel Bure, who the Vancouver Canucks drafted from Russia as the 113th overall pick in the 1989 NHL Entry Draft, went on to register a remarkable 12-year NHL career. 

Famously known for playing seven seasons for the Vancouver Canucks, Bure played an additional four seasons for the Florida Panthers, and two with the New York Rangers, while tallying 254 goals and 224 assists.

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In addition to capturing the Calder Memorial Trophy as a rookie, Bure was a three-time NHL All-Star and twice led the league in scoring, earning the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Award during the 1999-00 and 2000-01 seasons.

As one of the finest international hockey players in league history, Pavel Bure’s rookie cards are a sound investment for any hockey fanatic and collector.

10. 1991 Stadium Club Members Only Pavel Bure Cops Calder Rookie Card #NNO

In his 1991-92 NHL rookie season, Pavel Bure led the Vancouver Canucks to a 42-16-12 season, leading the franchise to the best record in the former Smythe Division. 

In doing so, Bure totaled 34 goals, six of which were game-winners, and 26 assists, on the way to winning the 1991-92 Calder Memorial Trophy, presented annually to the NHL’s rookie of the year.

Fittingly, Pavel Bure’s 1991 Stadium Club Members Only showcases the 1991-92 rookie of the year accepting the Calder Trophy at the NHL Awards ceremony in Toronto, Ontario, on the front while presenting a clever take of a fictitious newspaper, titled “Stadium Club Herald” on the reverse.

9. 1991 Score Rookie/Traded Pavel Bure Rookie Card #49T

Pavel Bure’s next most coveted rookie card is from 1991-92 Score Rookie and Traded hockey, containing a 100-card checklist, released exclusively as a factory set.

Like all the cards in the set, Pavel Bure’s 1991 Score Rookie and Traded card features ombré shading, exhibiting a dark green on the top and gradually shifting towards a white hue at the card’s bottom. Each player’s name in the set is fixed at the top left corner of the card, positioned directly over a hockey puck.

A brief bio of Pavel Bure can be found on the card’s reverse, along with his player profile and statistics as a Central Red Army member, where he competed for three seasons in the Soviet Ice Hockey Federation.

8. 1991 Russian Stars Red Ace Pavel Bure Rookie Card #NNO

The following Pavel Bure rookie card is from the 1991 Russian Stars in an NHL set, pictured in his Central Red Army uniform, where Bure starred from 1987 to 1991.

The Moscow native began playing with the club at 16, ultimately setting a new rookie scoring record for the club with 17 goals. Bure added nine assists for good measure, becoming the league’s rookie of the year.

Bure’s 1991 Russian Stars in NHL rookie card is limited to 50,000 copies and depicts an action photograph of a skating Bure on the front. On the reverse, you’ll encounter a headshot of the generational talent on the left-hand side, along with his player bio, statistics, and accomplishments in English and Russian.

7. 1991 Pro Set Platinum Pavel Bure Rookie Card #272

Before Pavel Bure made his highly anticipated NHL debut for the Vancouver Canucks on November 5, 1991, he desired to wear number 96 on his jersey. However, his former coach, Pat Quinn, wanted the Russian speedster to don a lower number, hence why the number 10 jersey is hanging in the rafters at Rogers Arena, also the number Bure wore for the Soviet Union men’s national hockey team.

That said, Bure’s 1991 Pro Set Platinum rookie card depicts Bure repping number 10 in the vintage Vancouver Canucks Flying Skate uniform from the 1990s. 

Bure’s 1991 Pro Set rookie card also contains a Pro Set Platinum seal on the lower left-hand corner of the card, with a large photograph of Bure on the back, including a brief bio surrounding the hype of the Russian Hall of Famer.

6. 1991 Pro Set Pavel Bure Rookie Card #564

Differing from the 1991 Pro Set Platinum, the 1991-92 Pro Set bears a 615-card checklist, with another image of Pavel Bure rocking the Vancouver Canucks Flying Skate vintage jerseys. 

Instead of a Pro Set Platinum seal, Bure’s 1991 Pro Set rookie card features an inscription of Pro Set on the upper left-hand corner of the card, next to the iconic black and orange NHL emblem. The bottom left corner of Pavel Bure’s 1991 Pro Set card is fixed with a rookie notation wrapped around the Vancouver Canucks logo. Collectors can find Bure’s 1991 Pro Set rookie card in both English and French.

The reverse of Pavel Bure’s 1991 Pro Set rookie card is in a horizontal orientation, with a relatively small action shot of the speedster on the left, along with his CSKA statistics and a concise explanation of his talented skillset.

5. 1991 Pinnacle Pavel Bure Rookie Card #315

Like the 1991 Pro Set, 1991-92 Pinnacle Hockey offered collectors an English and French version of each card. Collectors can expect 36 packs of 12 cards in each hobby box while striving to collect the entire 420-card checklist.

Pavel Bure’s rookie card from 1991-92 Pinnacle bears white borders and a solid green background on both the front and back of the card. A portrait of Bure is located halfway between the top and bottom of the card on the left-hand side, with a vertical in-game action photograph in front of the opponent’s bench.

The back of Bure’s 1991-92 Pinnacle rookie card is in a vertical orientation. However, it exhibits a rookie inscription in all caps in a horizontal direction, with the number 91 inside, paying homage to the 1991 Pinnacle set.

4. 1991 Parkhurst Pavel Bure Rookie Card #404

Pro Set issued the 1991-92 Parkhurst cards in three different series, with Pavel Bure’s 1991-92 rookie card embedded in the set’s second series. Following a recent trend, Bure’s 1991-92 rookie was issued in English and French.

Pavel Bure’s rookie card is horizontal in orientation, with a white and green oval Parkhurst logo on the bottom left, a black, green, and white rookie emblem on the top right, and his name situated at the bottom middle of the card.

The card back represents refined gold and black tones and includes Pavel Bure’s stats from his 1989-90 and 1990-91 seasons with CSKA Moscow and his 1991-92 rookie stats with the Vancouver Canucks.

3. 1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier Pavel Bure Rookie Card #67

The 1991-92 O-Pee-Chee Premier set bears a 198-card checklist, with each card retaining white borders and a gold banner just below the top, with O-Pee-Chee in black ink and a multicolored Premier ’92 etching.

Pavel Bure is pictured gliding down the rink, grasping his CCM hockey stick with both hands on the front. On the bottom is Pavel Bure’s name, with just the Canucks team name, his position listed as right-wing, followed by right-wing in French.

Bure’s stats from his 1990-91 season with the Central Red Army are featured on the reverse, with additional French terms depicted, as the O-Pee-Chee Company was established in Ontario, Canada.

2. 1991 Semic Pavel Bure World Championship Stickers Rookie Card #89

The 1991 Semic World Championship Sticker set was issued in Czech, Swedish, and Finnish, offering five stickers in each pack. The 1991 Semic World Championship Sticker set also allocated an album to display all 250 stickers.

Pavel Bure’s 1991 Semic World Championships Sticker rookie card contains an outer white border and an inner red border, portraying golden stars. 

Interestingly, the backs of each sticker differed based on location. The reverse of the 1991 Semic World Championship Stickers in Czechoslovakia were blank, while the stickers from Sweden featured Milkyway ads, and the advertisements from the Finland stickers were from Marabou Chocolate.

1. 1990-91 Upper Deck Young Guns Pavel Bure Rookie Card #526 

Pavel Bure’s Young Guns card from 1990-91 Upper Deck is considered his true rookie card. Upper Deck issued Bure’s Young Guns rookie card in English and French, both of which are of equal value, though at the time of the set’s release, the French variation was considered more sought-after.

Pavel Bure is pictured wearing a medal around his neck in his Soviet Union men’s national hockey team jersey. Bure’s 1990-91 Upper Deck Young Guns rookie card is portrayed in a horizontal orientation on the reverse, with his MSKA Moscow statistics. Unlike many of his other cards, 1990-91 Upper Deck stated Pavel Bure as a left winger, while he is known for being a right-winger.

The Weight of Pavel Bure’s Rookie Cards Continues

With 478 points tallied, and 254 goals scored, Pavel Bure ranks in the top 10 of both categories for a Vancouver Canucks player, despite playing in just seven seasons for the franchise. As a

the result, the club retired his number 10 jersey as one of the franchise’s most prolific players.

Pavel Bure was arguably one of the most revered NHL players from the 1990s, and the value of his rookie cards follows suit.

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