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Top 5 Bailey Zappe Rookie Cards and Outlook

Best Bailey Zappe Rookie Cards

The NFL runs through the quarterback position. It is the most crucial position on each team, and as a result, each team must have an elite quarterback to be successful. Although Bailey Zappe was never supposed to be an elite quarterback, injuries have allowed him to thrive. 

For years, the New England Patriots were Tom Brady’s team. However, when he moved to Tampa Bay, there was a void at the helm of the offense. Fortunately for the Patriots, they drafted Mac Jones in the first round of 2021, and he has performed well so far. His rookie year was strong enough to earn him a Pro Bowl appearance.

In 2022, the Patriots were expecting Mac Jones to take another step, but Jones was injured after one game. Backup quarterback Brian Hoyer was promoted to the starter position but was injured in the first quarter of his first start. As a result, Bailey Zappe was suddenly promoted from third-string quarterback to starter. 

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Zappe has performed incredibly well through three games and his first two starts. He became the first quarterback in the Super Bowl era to win his first two starts and have a passer rating of at least 100 in each game. 

With Bailey Zappe’s newfound success, his rookie cards are an exciting option for investors. As only a fourth-round pick in the 2022 draft, few people were eager to invest in his cards. However, his early success in the NFL is making his cards an exciting option.

Here we want to look at five of the market’s top Bailey Zappe rookie cards. These are the Bailey Zappe rookie cards you should invest in.

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2021 Panini Select Silver Prizm XRC #405 Bailey Zappe

The first card we want to look at today is one from Panini. Panini is known for putting out high-end rookie cards for every player drafted in multiple sports leagues. The NFL is the biggest league in North America, so it should be no surprise to hear that they invest a lot of time in football cards.

Here we have a card from their Prizm Select collection. This collection is anticipated every year by card collectors. It features Bailey Zappe in a side-facing stance. The left side of his body faces the card, and he is holding the ball close to his chest in a ready position. You can see Zappe is a right-handed player by the way he holds the ball.

In the image, Zappe is wearing his navy blue Patriots uniform. The uniform features red and white stripes on the pants and shoulders. Additionally, you can see a wrist guard on Zappe’s left wrist and a towel dangling out of the side of his left hip. His helmet is grey with the Patriots logo on it.

The background of the card is primarily white, with some black, brown, and blue artwork. Additionally, three of the corners have writing on them. Select 2021 in the top left, the XRC logo in the top right, and Zappe’s name and team are in the bottom right-hand corner of the card.

This card holds decent value, having sold for $122.50 in mid-October. That is a 66.67% increase over its price from the previous month. So, card collectors are already trying to jump on Zappe cards while they remain cheap.


2022 Score Bailey Zappe RC #310

The next card we want to look at is from the Score rookie collection. Zappe card is 310th in this collection and features a similar image to the previous card. Zappe is pictured side face, with his left side facing the front of the card. However, in this image, you can see Zappe stepping forward as he prepares to release the ball. 

In this image, Zappe wears the same Patriots uniform as the previous card and still has his wrist guard and towel. However, in this picture, the background is not cut out, so you can see it is from practice. The indicator is the lack of a crowd in the background. 

The image of bailey Zappe has a navy blue logo in the same shade as the Patriot’s uniform. Around that border is a larger white one. You can then see various symbols in each corner of the card. The top of the card features the Score logo on the left and the rookie card logo on the right. Conversely, the bottom features the Patriots logo on the left and Zappe’s name and position on the right.

If you flip the card, you can read a short blurb about how Zappe transferred from Houston Baptist to Western Kentucky for his senior year of college. It also features his stats from the 2021 college season.

This card is still very cheap, and as a result, it is a good investment option. You can currently buy it on eBay for a little under $20.


2022 Mosaic Draft Picks Bailey Zappe RC #20

Returning to a card from Panini, we have one from the Mosaic collection. These cards are always trendy because of their intricate backgrounds. Interestingly, Mosaic cards do not always have the same background. In fact, there are usually a few designs you can get when you open a pack. 

Each background is shiny, with crossing lines in the background. However, the colors change from card to card. One card can be red and black, whereas another can replace red with green. This variety appeals to collectors because it makes each card different.

This card has other interesting features, including the image. Bailey Zappe is wearing his white uniform from Western Kentucky. In this image, Zappe is not getting ready to throw the ball. Instead, he is running with the ball cradled in his right arm. 

There is a logo in each of the four corners. The top of the card features the Mosaic and rookie cards logos in the left and right corners, respectively. The bottom side of the card features the Western Kentucky logo in the bottom left, and Zappe’s name and position in the bottom right. 

Here you have a card you can purchase for cheap. The most recent copy was sold for $6, but none are currently available to purchase. If they go up for sale, they should have low prices.


2022 Donruss Elite Bailey Zappe RC #107

Here we have another card from Panini and one that should be popular with its flashy card. It is part of the Donruss Panini Elite collection, one of the most popular collections from Panini every year.

The card features Zappe in his navy blue Patriots uniform. He is standing side face in a quarterback stance, but the picture was taken from his front. So, you can see the front of his uniform, including his number four. Zappe is looking downfield and bringing his right arm back as he gets ready to throw the ball. 

As we mentioned above, the background of this card is where it shines. It is flashy, with blurred strips in several colors. You can see hints of blue, green, yellow, red, purple, and orange in the stripes. Having all of these colors makes the card stand out. 

The only sections of the card without the flashy background are black. The black background is used so you can see the Elite logo in the top left and the rookie card logo in the bottom suitable.

If you flip to the back of the card, it is much less flashy than the front. It has a white background and features a short blurb about Zappe’s college career.

This card has risen in price slightly following Zappe’s success early in the 2022 season. You can buy it on eBay for $60.


2022 Panini Chronicles Draft Picks Bailey Zappe RC #24

The final card we want to look at today is also from Panini. However, this one focuses on Bailey Zappe’s college career as the image features him in his white Western Kentucky uniform. In this picture, Zappe carries the ball upfield in his right hand. The image was taken from his left side, and you can see him plant his left foot as he looks to pivot around a defender.

A red border with black sections surrounds the image in the middle. Above Zappe’s head is the Playbook logo, and to the left of that is the rookie card logo. You can see Zappe’s name written out in large font on the bottom of the card. 

If you flip the card over, you can see the same image of Zappe but shrink down on the left. Then, the right side features a short blurb about Zappa’s final year in college with a red background. 

If you want to purchase this card, you can get it for a low price. It is available on eBay for only $6.29.


Investment Outlook

Before you invest in any card, it is essential to understand the investment outlook. What are your chances of turning a profit when you buy this card? Most people try to purchase the cards of star players before they ascend to greatness. While Zappe is not projected to be a star, there are opportunities to purchase his cards.

Since Zappe is still very early in his career and was a mid-round draft pick, you can purchase his cards for very cheap. Zappe was not expected to play in the NFL yet, but injuries gave him an opportunity. If he can perform well for a few more weeks, there is a chance he could become a full-time starter in the next few years. 

If Zappe can establish himself as a good starting quarterback in the NFL, his cards will increase in value significantly. The chances of that look good right now, given his solid performance. 

Additionally, it is crucial to consider the risk of investing in Bailey Zappe rookie cards is extremely low. The price is low, so you can purchase several copies with the chance of them skyrocketing in value. However, you will need to invest soon because people will scoop his cards up if he continues to perform well over the next few weeks.

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