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Virginia Tech vs Clemson: Odds, Line, and Picks (3/9/22)

Tonight isn’t the biggest night for college basketball, but that does not mean that there aren’t some good games to watch. The big names aren’t playing, but there are still some interesting matchups to check out. Notably, you can watch Virginia Tech take on Clemson in the second round of the ACC tournament. Neither of them are incredibly dominant teams, but the stakes of the playoffs should make it a fun matchup to watch. 

The structure of the ACC tournament provides buys to higher-seeded teams. As a result, Virginia Tech did not need to play in the first round. That was not the case for Clemson as they needed to defeat NC State to move on. Fortunately, they were able to do just that, defeating NC State by the score of 70-64. 

This season was filled with ups and downs for both teams. Virginia Tech ended the season as the 7th seed with an 11-9 in-conference record. Conversely, Clemson ended in the 10th seed with an 8-12 in-conference record. Both teams want to put disappointing seasons behind them by going on deep tournament runs.  

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While Virginia Tech is the higher seed, Clemson actually won the only matchup between the two teams this season. What makes things more interesting is that matchup was the last game of the regular season. As a result, Virginia Tech hasn’t had the chance to bounce back from that loss. So, will Clemson be able to pull off the upset again, or can Virginia Tech find their stride? 

Virginia Tech vs Clemson Odds 

Virginia Tech is the higher seed, and as a result, you would expect them to be the betting favorite. That being said, Clemson won the most recent matchup between the two teams. So, will the odds reflect recent events, or will they show Virginia Tech as the heavy favorite? Here are the betting odds, courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook. 

  • Spread: Virginia Tech -5.5 Clemson +5.5
  • Total: Virginia Tech U 131 Clemson O 131
  • Money Line: Virginia Tech -225 Clemson +185

While Virginia Tech is the favorite, it isn’t by a massive margin. As a result, there are interesting betting opportunities on both sides. 

Virginia Tech Betting Outlook 

Normally it isn’t a great idea to bet on the favorite. There usually isn’t a great chance of turning a profit, and as a result, it is better to place a bet on the underdog. However, the money line is set up in a way that allows you to bet on either team. You get -225 odds when you bet on Virginia Tech to win. That means that you can reasonably bet on the favorite and make a decent profit if they win.  

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The spread is set at -5.5 for Virginia Tech, which indicates that this should be a close game. The only game played between these teams this season resulted in a score that was separated by just four points. As a result, we should reasonably expect a close game again. So, it might be worth it to place a bet on Clemson’s side of the spread, which is set at +5.5. 

Finally, the total for Virginia Tech is set at U 131. Since the only game played between these two games this season resulted in 122 total points being scored, that looks like a profitable wager. 

Clemson Betting Outlook 

Moving onto Clemson, you have an interesting opportunity. Betting on the underdog always requires you to take a risk. The odds favor one team for a reason, and it’s because they’re more likely to win the game. While the odds favor Virginia Tech here, they are a very small favorite in reality. Clemson won the only matchup between these two teams this season, and it would not be crazy for it to happen again. As a result, betting on Clemson to win with +185 odds is a good idea. 

Virginia Tech vs Clemson Prediction 

While the odds might push you in one direction, we’re not going to be influenced by them when making our predictions. Instead, we want to look at the facts. The first thing to consider is the record of these teams. Virginia Tech gets the edge there as the higher seed. They had a better record both in-conference and out of conference.  

That being said, form is an important factor to consider when the playoffs start. Virginia Tech is limping into the ACC tournament. They lost their last game of the season, and as we mentioned, that game was to Clemson. So, not only did they lose their last game, but they lost to the team they need to beat to advance. Conversely, Clemson is on a five-game winning streak. They haven’t lost since February 19th when they lost to Louisville. They’re on a roll, and it could be too much for Virginia Tech to handle. 

There is no denying that Virginia Tech is the superior team when you look at the advanced stats. They are way ahead of Clemson in both offensive and defensive adjusted efficiency. So, it’s hard to bet against Virginia Tech. 

With that in mind, we are actually going to predict that Clemson will pull off the upset. We think they’ll win 68-64 over Virginia Tech. 

Where to Watch 

If you are interested in watching the ACC tournament play out, you can catch Virginia Tech play Clemson on ESPN2 at 7 PM EST.

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